How to start a car battery business

For start-up entrepreneurs, the idea may seem quite attractive, as it does not require a high initial investment, special knowledge or skills, equipment, and even hired staff.

All operations can be performed by only one person.

The business idea is to buy old batteries from private car owners and resell them to wholesalers, or even better, to a factory where they will be processed into new batteries.

The best way to find old batteries is in large garages. Most car enthusiasts do not want to take 1-2 old batteries to the factory for their recycling.

Storage of old batteries

Transportation of old batteries can be arranged by a personal car, bicycle, or even a hand cart. The tedious process of bypassing garages is replaced by placing ads. Sometimes it is useful to look at the waste dumps that accumulate near the garages and car companies. Some car owners just throw their old batteries in the nearest garbage dump.

A significant nuance: a company that accepts old batteries for recycling is not interested in working with small batches. You will have to accumulate the goods until the minimum lot set by the company is reached. Then this batch is transported in bulk, which automatically leads to the need to use a truck or a cargo-passenger vehicle.

Which room is needed?

It is not recommended to store old batteries in large quantities at home. They emit toxic substances, which can seriously harm your health and even lead to problems with the law. To store the batteries you need a storage room, which can be organized in a garage or a shed.

The garage itself can either be rented or purchased. The second is preferable, because not every landlord will agree to have potentially dangerous goods stored in his property. Also, the garage is owned by a valuable asset, which can always be sold in difficult times or if you want to leave this business.

How to make the battery disposal business more profitable

Is there a desire to expand your business? Not a problem! It is possible to organize several points of reception of old batteries, opening them in the largest garages, on the sides of intensive highways, near private repair shops serving cars.

You can offer services of removal of used batteries to large car companies, car parks, service, and technical centers. Many of them have to solve this problem independently, while you can outsource it.

What documents are needed to start a business?

It is beneficial for the overwhelming majority of legal entities to work with the same legal entities rather than with private individuals. Therefore, it is necessary to register as a private entrepreneur, which leads to additional complications.

In addition to obligatory registration of the business of registration of relevant documents, it is necessary to obligatory license the business on batteries. Taking into account the fact that old batteries belong to Hazard Class 1-4 wastes, it will be difficult to obtain a license. Before obtaining a license, be sure to check the suitability of the premises from the epidemiological and fire supervision staff.

Battery Repair Business Organization

Often, when the battery fails, the car owner throws out the old battery and buys a new one. All the more so because modern high-tech batteries are not maintained or repaired. But not everyone has such high-end batteries. Most car enthusiasts have simple lead-acid models, which can be well repaired and repaired. And after restoration, they can last quite a long time.

Battery repair

 Battery failures are the most common:

  • plate short circuits are eliminated by electrolyte replacement and multiple battery flushing;
  • wear of side plates is treated by their replacement with simultaneous electrolyte renewal;
  • sulfating of the plates is removed with the help of a desulphurization mixture, which is added to the batteries.

The service of battery recovery with the help of impulse currents, training cycles, the addition of additives, charging of batteries with reverse currents is in great demand. Such procedures give the old battery a new life, and the qualitative performance of these procedures becomes an occasion to give the consumer a limited warranty for the restored battery.

The special battery starts up and recovery equipment is not among the most expensive and difficult to access. Of course, in the absence of extensive knowledge and skills in electronics installation, the right device is easier to buy.

You can also organize a service point and earn money on the batteries in the garage, performing all the operations yourself. You only need to spend time and effort to study all the processes and acquire practical skills.

According to the experience of many car repair stations, this service is in stable demand among the population, especially in the winter period. Not all service centers are engaged in battery maintenance, so there is little competition in this area. The reason for this is that the business is not very promising in the long term. Nowadays, more and more batteries are not disassembled, repaired, and restored.

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