How to start a glass business

Glassware recycling is a very relevant business because nowadays the issue of recycling waste harmful to the environment is very urgent all over the world.

Recycling of raw materials provides an opportunity not only to significantly reduce production costs but also to significantly improve the environmental situation.

Search for raw materials

Recycling of glass breakage is considered to be one of the most practical and effective ways of waste disposal. However, for successful project implementation, it is important to ensure an uninterrupted supply of raw materials. This can be done in several ways:

  • open glass container collection points;
  • enter into contracts for the supply of raw materials with beer companies as well as with companies engaged in the production of mirrors, windows, or any other glass products;
  • install trash cans in the streets where people will put glass jars and bottles.

Stages of building a business

Before you begin to process the glass business must be carefully planned. Its organization includes the following stages:

  1. Registration of the company.
  2. Obtaining a license to operate from the Ministry of Environment.
  3. Searching for companies that supply raw materials and organization of glass containers receiving points.
  4. Acquisition of equipment for glass processing from reliable suppliers.
  5. Search for suitable premises.
  6. Buying a truck or signing a contract with an enterprise that will supply raw materials to the site.
  7. Processing of materials in the production shop.
  8. Searching for sales channels.
  9. Sending finished products to customers.

Production technology

The technology of glass processing consists of several stages:

  • sorting waste by type of production and color;
  • purification from impurities and various impurities;
  • drying;
  • crushing;
  • addition of various fillers according to the recipe;
  • loading into special forms;
  • heating in melting furnaces.


To obtain high-quality raw materials, it is recommended to purchase a multifunctional mini-factory, which includes:

  • shredders;
  • dryers;
  • melting furnaces;
  • special forms.

The staff

The number of employees in the company directly depends on its production volume. For example, an average company may employ about forty people. Their duties will include:

  • glassware reception;
  • raw material sorting;
  • removal of unnecessary waste;
  • material grinding.

Product Sales

Recycled raw materials can be supplied to the factories producing their glass products, as well as to the organizations that use this material for the production of various goods:

  • ceramic tiles;
  • decorative bricks;
  • glass wallpaper;
  • insulation materials;
  • water filters.

Ability to combine with another type of business

If you wish, you can expand your activities and process not only glass containers but also other materials. It can be cardboard, polyethylene, paper, plastic, rubber, metal, wood. In this case, the search for raw materials and their sales channels is carried out according to a similar scheme, but the business owners should take care of purchasing different equipment necessary for the sorting and processing of different types of materials.

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