How to start a strawberry business

How can we pass by fragrant and ripe strawberries?

This berry every summer asks in the mouth from the shelves of stores and markets. The tender sweet taste is familiar to everyone since childhood. And how sometimes you want to enjoy ripe strawberries without waiting for summer days… Well, it is quite real! We open our own strawberry growing business.

At first glance, it seems that this business is very troublesome and unprofitable, but it is a mistake. Now you will understand that growing strawberries is only not difficult, but also profitable. After all, to start such a business, you do not need special skills, equipment, and large investments. The fact is that this berry is grown in bags containing special soil.

So, what is necessary for that strawberry business? First, the premises. It does not necessarily need to be large. A garage or a barn would be fine. The main thing is that this room is constantly maintained room temperature. This is a necessary condition for the harvest. Also, the room should have daylight lamps, lighting should be close to nature, that is, there should be a change of day and night.

Secondly, you will need plastic bags (their number will depend on the area of your room). You can sew them yourself or buy them in a store. Each bag should be 200-220 cm long and 15-16 cm in diameter.

The third is the presence of seedlings. It can be taken from the open ground or in the nursery. It is best to prepare seedlings in autumn when all life processes are suspended. Before planting, seedlings should be kept in a cool room (so to speak, put on hold). Thanks to these simple actions, special conditions are created when the plant falls into the so-called “hibernation” and it can be “woken up” before planting, without damaging the culture. This is the trick of growing strawberries in winter.

Now the very process of growing. The bags are filled with special soil. This is a mixture of earth and simple fertilizers. You can also use a mixture of perlite and peat. After the bags are filled, they are chess-boarded with 6-8 cm holes for seedlings. Holes should be located in four vertical rows at a distance of 20-25 cm. After that, the bags are placed on the floor rows. For seedlings to grow and give results, you must feed it. To do this, it is recommended to make an irrigation drip and to each bag bring 3 tubes (to the top, bottom, and middle part of the bag). A day for each bag should take up to two liters of nutrient solution. The growth process itself is not complicated. The main thing is to monitor the temperature and humidity in the room.

Do not forget that the buyer is attracted not only tasty and fragrant berries but also beautiful. So treat the strawberries very carefully. It is better to tear it off with gloves and put it into boxes or baskets at once, thus protecting it from unnecessary movements and consequently from damage.

Another issue in the plan of strawberry growing was not covered. This is the realization of berries. First, it is possible to sell berries in the market. Secondly, it is possible to place an advertisement for the sale on the Internet. Third, you can offer the product to your friends and acquaintances. Strawberries are also very popular in confectioneries and restaurants. There may be discounts for this category, which will make your strawberries even more attractive to the buyer. Another category of your regular customers may be children’s camps, kindergartens, and schools.

As you can see, the strawberry business has many advantages. You do not need special skills, a lot of capital, you do not have to constantly weed the ground, you do not need to hire helpers, it is quite realistic to follow the process of growing by yourself, and as a result, at your table all year round will be a delicious berry, bringing not only pleasure but also income.

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