How to start window cleaning business

Window cleaning does not require a large initial investment.

However, it should be borne in mind that business even with such a minimal initial investment will require much more expenses than the purchase of buckets and sponges.

First of all, you need to consider investments in staff training, equipment, car, website development, company logo design, and, of course, do not do without insurance.

You can start on your own. But in developing the brand you should always consider not your current situation, but what you intend to strive for. Based on that, and you need to make your business plan, develop a logo, and make a website.

Window cleaning as a business has two areas: commercial and residential. If you are just beginning your steps in this branch of private enterprise, you can start with the residential direction. You, at first, a standard set of tools in the form of scrapers, sponges, detergents, and a ladder will be enough. But if you do not stop at this most primitive and low level, then you should think about special equipment. You should invest in the purchase of a tank with a hose, which will allow you to wash windows very quickly at high altitude, without using climbing equipment, and without being connected to the in-house water supply system. You can work quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, autonomously. This is especially appreciated by customers.

If you are ready to reach certain heights in this line of business, then you should think about mastering the commercial line.

There are four directions in commercial window cleaning. The first is general window cleaning, which is done indoors and only manually with a minimum of equipment. The second one is window washing of the windows of the office buildings of low height. The third is window cleaning on the upper floors of high-rise buildings. Here you need special equipment (cradles and fasteners), as well as trained personnel with climbing experience. And the fourth – the same high-rise buildings, but with access to the object from below with the help of elevators.

If you intend to cover all four areas at once, prepare for a significant initial investment. You have to buy a crane because constantly renting it is a waste of money. One industry expert, Christopher Walken, says his firm has a preference for rooftop window cleaning. To onlookers, it looks spectacular, and they think it’s a real professional job, so they invite them in more often.

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