Profitable water business plan

The water business is easy to launch, does not require large capital investments, and pays off quickly enough.

Real businessmen can make a business out of anything, even air.

If you dream of joining the ranks of entrepreneurs, but can’t decide what kind of activity to do, think about what people always and everywhere need?

These are food and, of course, water.

The water business is easy to launch, does not require large capital investments, and pays off quickly enough.

Specifics of the water business 

In conditions of the unstable economic situation, it is rather difficult to find a business that would bring good money despite everything.

Business on the sale of drinking water is exactly this kind of business activity.

Today, companies supplying bottled water are experiencing a kind of boom and experts predict that this trend will continue in the nearest future.

If you have decided to join those who do business on the water, it will be not superfluous to learn about the peculiarities of this sector of entrepreneurial activity:

Business based on the production, spillage and delivery of drinking water is recognized as one of the fastest-growing businesses.

On average, one office employee consumes half a liter of water per day and about 10 liters per year.

Just imagine what kind of money you can make if you form a broad client base.

Prices for drinking water and gasoline are not very different, but it is much easier to equip a company to spill water than an oil factory.

Two options for water business

If you want to do business on the water, you must decide what exactly your company will do, because there are two options for this type of business:

  • A factory that extracts water from a well, spills it in glass or plastic containers, and delivers it to end customers.
  • A company that spills and sells “foreign” water.

The first option is more expensive in terms of money and requires a lot of time to launch because you will need special equipment, qualified personnel, equipment, factory space, the need to pay for expensive laboratory tests, and also – special permits for the extraction of water from the sources.

Besides, today it is rather difficult to find a free source of mineral or table water, which wouldn’t be occupied by more thawed competitors.

If you don’t have too much money, it is better to sell drinking water by signing a corresponding contract with the manufacturer.

Even businessmen who do not have a large sum of money for start-up capital can do this business.

What should be the water to do water business?

The business of selling bottled water is not as simple as it may seem at first sight.

Bottled water is considered only that water that meets the legal requirements, is packaged in hygienic containers, and can be used by a person for drinking or cooking.

You can’t just pick up water from the tap, pour it into bottles, and start delivering it to the offices.

Wishing to save money, you just lose customers and destroy your business on the root.

Drinking water should not contain more than 1% of various artificial additives (such as flavors or essences).

If one of your clients performs chemical analysis of the drinking water supplied by you and finds out that it is not by GOST, the least that can happen to you is the loss of the client, although it can end and much worse, for example, by opening a criminal case against you for fraud.

The sale of drinking water cannot be carried out until you enter into a contract with a manufacturer (a company that extracts water from wells) or buy equipment that can completely purify the water from harmful additives.

The first option is lighter and cheaper for beginner businessmen.

Advertising of water business

A business selling water, like any other, needs good advertising, because the number of your customers depends on it, and therefore, the amount of profit.

You can advertise a company for bottled water delivery:

  1. In the mass media.
  2. With the help of outdoor advertising in places with high passability.
  3. By distributing flyers and business cards.
  4. In social networks and on the Internet forum of your city.

The more intensive and competent your advertising campaign is, the more customers you will reach.

Since the main customers of companies selling drinking water are offices, then a good advertising move will be to bypass the office space of your city with a proposal to conclude a contract with you for the supply of bottled water.

If you manage to get some big customers who are satisfied with the quality of the water you supply, then in the future, you will be able to advertise your business on the water with a word of mouth.

Room for water business

Companies that deliver bottled water do not need luxury offices, because with customers you will communicate mainly by phone, but what you need to worry about is a warehouse of at least 60 square meters.

It should be heated (the air temperature should not fall below +5 degrees) and air-conditioned (if the water is stored at a temperature higher than +20 degrees, you risk causing discontent of customers by supplying them with warm water).

The location of your warehouse does not play a big role, the main thing is that it is not too far from your customers, otherwise you will incur high costs for gasoline.

The size of it depends on how many liters of water you are going to store in the warehouse and what volumes of supplies you are targeting.

You can negotiate with customers and receive orders directly from the warehouse, having purchased a minimum set of furniture and a telephone set.

Equipment for water business

In fact, the only thing you will have to spend a large sum of money on is transport by which you will deliver drinking water.

There is no need to equip the warehouse – water bottles can be stored right on the floor.

In addition to transportation costs, you will also face some other costs for equipment.

 Many entrepreneurs, wishing to save money, want to do business on the water on their own (without helpers) or with only one helper.

This is not the right step.

Even at the initial stage, you should hire at least two team members: a driver and a freight forwarder.

You yourself will be able to take over the administrative duties, taking orders, communicating with customers, and keeping accounts.

If your business starts to expand and you see that your employees can not cope with this amount of orders for the delivery of drinking water, you will have to buy another car and hire another team consisting of a forwarder and a driver.

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