The best business ideas to start from home

Own production is a great opportunity to start a business from home.

You can open a home shop alone, with minimal risk and zero rental costs. We suggest considering the best business ideas at home.

Opening a home production is becoming more and more popular. A small workshop is a good home business for start-up entrepreneurs because usually opening a production facility requires expensive equipment and large areas for machines. Mini production at home usually involves a minimum set of equipment of small capacity and, of course, free space for a workshop.

  1. Rent a home to travelers

If you live in a city, which is often visited by tourists, you can post an offer to rent a bed, room, apartment, or private house on specialized Internet portals.

One of the most popular is the international portal Airbnb, which is designed specifically for short term rentals around the world. The service is convenient for the landlord and guests: the first one guarantees timely payment, and the second one can pay only if the apartment is in order.

What it will take:

  • Any kind of accommodation. If you don’t have your own, you may take the apartment for long term rent, and rent it for a short term.
  • Choose a convenient portal for advertising the offer.
  • Create a cozy atmosphere, keep clean, take care of the convenience of the guests. Value your reputation: guests leave comments about the quality of services on the portal.
  • Think of additional service: offer guests to rent a car or a moped, use a washing machine or a coffee maker for a fee.

Through such services, you can sell your own services, such as excursions. There is a demand for even the strangest offers. For example, in St. Petersburg, you can hire a guide to the flea market or a guide to walk through the famous cemeteries.

Minuses: irregular demand for housing will bring a small income. The owners will either have to constantly improve service, or create a whole network of such “rooms” at once.

  1. Produce healthy snacks

The number of people who lead a healthy lifestyle is growing every year. And those who regularly go in for sports, closely monitor the diet and quality of food they eat. Therefore, the popularity of the “Kraft” industries is growing.

At home, you can prepare a huge number of different types of healthy and natural snacks. You can make fruit chips in a dehydrator, bake fruit and nut bars, prepare granola or muesli, or buy in bulk and pack herbal teas. A separate idea is the sale of superfoods, which are called the food of the future: they contain a large amount of easily digestible vitamins and active substances. They include both strange goji berries, chia seeds, spirulina algae, and familiar to the masses of cocoa beans.

What it takes to start a business:

  • Find reliable suppliers, favorable price offers.
  • To understand the technology of production: come up with recipes that will please customers and help the entrepreneur to earn money.
  • Purchase the right equipment: a dehydrator, an industrial furnace, or packing machines.
  • Think of sales channels. Draw up a sales proposal. Will you buy goods in bulk or at retail? Do I need to think over a delivery system?

Important: food products need to be certified. If an entrepreneur has no documents, you can forget about signing contracts with large companies. To get papers, you need to meet the production requirements, which can be problematic at home.

  1. Create a blog

In 2020, it is already foolish to deny that blogging is a business with great opportunities. Every month Instagram is visited by about a billion people – it is one of the most popular advertising platforms in the world, daily on advertising and sale of information products leaders earn millions. It’s enough to choose a platform to create an account, and also learn how to make the content interesting to users.

What it will take:

  • Choose a format. Form your blog goals: you want to shoot funny veins, share expert knowledge, write a lifestyle post. The chosen direction depends on what kind of information will be interesting for the audience.
  • Choose a site, evaluate the advantages and competition on each.
  • Create the content regularly. For this purpose, you may need a photo or video equipment and special props.

Think over the plan of account promotion. Each social network or blogging platform has its own rules of content placement and the ability to reach a large audience. You may have to invest in advertising or hire specialists.

Blogging can be not only an independent business but can also help any other startup.

  1. Organizing the rental of children’s goods

Of the many toys, children grow up quickly: there is only a headache, where to put oversized things. Therefore, there is no point in buying some children’s accessories for a long time: many would prefer to rent a thing and for a relatively small amount of money to provide children with everything they need or to test the thing before buying.

To form a range of rental products suitable for children: furniture – riding huts, cribs, car seats, strollers, trampolines, swimming pools, joggers, scooters, and bicycles.

  1. Sell hand-maid goods

If you know how to knit clothes, sew toys, or invent accessories, it’s time to think – isn’t it time for the monetization of skills? The most common problem of many talented craftsmen is that they are not able to sell their products and services. Therefore, there is competition in the field, but there are also many opportunities. What kinds of handicrafts sell well?

  • Sewing of clothes, accessories.
  • Hand and machine knitting.
  • Creating interior items.
  • Manufacturing of soft toys – hare-comforters for sleeping babies, bears, rag dolls.
  • Paintings-embroideries.
  • Scrapbooking – decoration of notebooks, albums for photos.

To make money on the hand-maid, you need to choose a niche. It is better to start from what things are in demand, but to make things original, not to copy other people’s ideas. Then do the positioning and promotion of a personal brand. Advertising is the engine of trade, so start a blog, post only beautiful photos.

Register on specialized trading platforms. On such sites, you can sell products and get feedback on your work. The most famous e-commerce service for craftsmen and needlewomen is Etsy ( ): in early 2015, the site registered more than 20 million active buyers. Its Russian counterpart is the “Masters Fair” portal: in 2018, the platform was visited by about 8 million unique users every month.

  1. Come up with unusual accessories

No one will be surprised by the things from the mass market, so young people are increasingly preferring piece production with a creative approach to manufacturing. Fashion for men’s accessories is gaining popularity rapidly, but also quickly drops out of trends.

Among the trendy “chips” of any season – bow ties. They can be made of any material: sewed from the fabric of bright colors, made of leather, fur, metal, and wood. American designer Sheldi Steadman creates butterflies even from scallop shells. The more extravagant the idea, the more the public demand.

  1. Doing food-floristics

Collecting bouquets from products is a relatively new idea: in many cities, there is a common sale of fruit and candy sets, but more brutal gifts – compositions of beer, sausages, and crayfish have not even been heard about. Bouquets are eagerly bought on gifts, including corporate ones. So, if you have a good imagination and a clear commercial streak, take a look at this type of business.

Of course, before you start the production, evaluate the competition in the city and think over a unique offer to interest the buyer. It can be either creative designs, low prices, wide choice, or delivery at a convenient time.

  1. Furniture Manufacturer

Competition in this area is huge, but mass production cannot fully cover the growing needs of customers who want to create a beautiful and comfortable interior. And owners of apartments with non-standard layouts and individual design projects are constantly looking for furniture masters.

As in the case with other types of home business, it is important to choose a specialization and style. Is it better to create designer furniture for apartments, or to cut out benches for baths and garden plots? Interior items are also required for corporate clients, for example, restaurateurs order canteens for catering establishments, and creative entrepreneurs order unusual trade equipment.

  1. Manufacture ceramic tiles

The manufacturing process, like many ceramics, is simple: you will need clay, glaze, and an oven. Raw materials are shaped, dried, and then fired in the kiln. After coloring and again exposed to temperature. Masters, of course, have their own professional tricks: for the product to gain strength you need to choose a certain type of clay and add to the mixture different components – quartz, coastline.

Since most processes – kneading and forming tiles – can be done manually, it is quite possible to start a small production at home. The only difficulty is the location of the kiln. The equipment takes up a lot of space and requires some tension, so it is possible to convert a spacious garage, cellar, or other free space for the workshop.

An important advantage over well-known and large companies is the flexibility: you can perform any interesting projects to order.

  1. Create interior items from concrete

Concrete, as a material for the manufacture of household items, was not required. However, everything changed when the ascetic loft style with minimal finishing and rough urban decor came into fashion. Today, a lot of finishing materials and interior items are made of concrete – from paving tiles and cachepot to countertops, sinks, and wall panels.

If you want to make statuettes, flowerpots, and other cute souvenirs, you will not need a large room – enough desktop and space to store moisture-resistant forms and kneading dry mix. It is more difficult to produce massive items – you will have to adapt an entire room or garage for your office.

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